Here are some frequently asked questions about our application

To setup Kido protect on an android device, please follow the steps bellow

  1. Download Kido Protect Parental control from Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account by selecting “Sign up” on the app , or from our website: https://www.kidoprotect.com/sign-up/
  3. Select “Parent’s device” in the app to set up the parent profile
  4. Add a Kid from the app or from the web portal
  5. Download and install Kido Protect app on your Kid’s device
  6. Set and manage the rules for your child from the app or the web portal

Yes! It is legal to use SMS & Call supervision Kido Protect App to extend protection to your child against stalkers and any unwanted calls. Most parents are happy and worry-free after using the call monitoring app for parents. It helps monitor all the calls and SMS in real-time, even when kids delete them.

Here are some of the considerable advantages of using SMS & Call supervision Kido to protect the app:

  • Keeps a phone call log

Call monitoring apps for android keep an active track of the phone logs with essential details such as phone number, call duration, location, and date.

  • Logs application usage

Detailed tracking of every app your kid uses to understand their search pattern, including the activities such as games, business applications, and messaging apps.

  • Not easily detectable

The best part about Kido protect is its hidden ability in your kid’s phone. You can secretly supervise their SMS and call logs without noticing them.

  • Text Message Detection

All the inbound and outbound text messages are well-tracked to let the parents know with whom kids are exchanging messages and conversations. The easy SMS tracker gives detailed information about the kid’s SMS logs.

The best call monitoring app for parents keeps track of all the deleted call logs.

SMS & Call Supervision app is meant to detect all the inbound and outbound text messages that your kids exchange with anyone. It gives you a detailed log of all the SMS and calls to track kids’ activity minutely.

You can immediately sense any potential stalking or danger by accessing their call and SMS logs and taking preventive actions. It helps track any suspicious activity your child may indulge in and safeguards them from any potential fraud.

Some of the key advantages that most parents rely on Kido protect the location and geofencing app are:

Prevent Kidnapping

By tracking the real-time moments of your kids, you can prevent any potential danger to your kids. Once you get the notification, you can react instantly to safeguard your child.

Manage parenting and work

Keeping a check on your child remotely gives you a sense of satisfaction that you relate to them all the way. You can ensure that they are safe at any time of the day by checking their real-time location instantly.

Safeguard from Abusers

Any stranger or abuser stalking your child and taking them to unknown places can be instantly tracked with a notification from the geofencing app.

Kido Protect Parental Control is one of the market’s best parental control apps that deliver exceptional features to safeguard your child.

Yes, it is legal to use Geofencing as the user agrees to google to track their location by confirming to GPS. All the Geofencing apps in Parental control are safe and do not attract legal liability. It gives the parents an added advantage to tracking their kids’ location anytime and anywhere. Whenever your kids cross their safe zone, an instant notification alerts you about any possible danger.

There are several benefits of using the location and geofencing Kido Protect App. Some of them are as follows:

  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Creating safe zones for your kids
  • Instant alert once the kid crosses their geofencing
  • Allocating the danger zones for kids
  • Saving the last few locations under history

The Location tracker for kids app aims to create a virtual boundary using GPS or Radio Frequency identification around any physical location. It keeps the kid’s mobile on surveillance and sends an alert to the parent’s mobile whenever the kids cross the virtual boundary.

If you often worry about the real-time location of your kids, the location and geofencing app from Kido Protect is all your need. It ensures your child’s safety and immediately sends an alert when your kids leave the safe zone and start entering a danger zone. It also allows saving the history of the locations to know which places your child visited.

Here are some of the incredible features that make the Kido Protect parental control app the best in the market:

  1. Easy to install as it comes with a detailed guide.
  2. Difficult to be detected and deactivated by your kid
  3. Simple to use interface, making it user-friendly
  4. Real-time notifications for Kid’s inappropriate search attempts

It boasts the maximum number of features, such as outgoing messages, viewing call logs, GPS location, monitoring keystrokes, and recording conversations.

Here are some incredible benefits that you derive using the Keylogger app for android mobiles from Kido Protect:

  • Tracking Inappropriate searches by your child
  • Understanding the cause of behavior change
  • Identifying the bad friends
  • Analysing Kid’s patterns of searches on the Internet
  • Alerting the explicit keywords that you have blacklisted
  • Avoid any exposure to inappropriate content
  • Identifying any potential cyberbullying and predator

Recording information across social media and other platforms.

Keyloggers are illegal when someone uses them with criminal intent. But parents are allowed to use keyloggers for their child’s activity monitoring using a reliable parental control app. Hence it is legal for parents to use the keylogger android as Parental control app for kids to keep track of how and where their kids are spending time on mobile.

The main job of a keylogger app is to track all the information from your kid’s mobile about their activity log. From keystroke tracking, it recognizes the patterns to record the various activities of your child. Once recorded, these keyloggers send all these activities to the parent’s dashboard. As these keyloggers work in a hidden mode, your child is not able to know that their mobile/tablet activities are tracked down.

As parents can easily track all the keywords that the kid enters, they have a fair idea about what kind of activities that child is indulging in and how he is spending time on his mobile.

Parent Control Keylogger on Android by Kido Protect is meant to track your kid’s activities using a single dashboard. You can easily track how and when your kids spend time on their respective mobiles. Advanced Parental Control Apps like Kido Protect Keylogger on android give substantial control on:

How long was your kid engaged in mobile/tablet

  • What apps does your Kid use?
  • With whom your kid is communicating via phone, SMS, Facebook, Skype, and social media handles
  • What are the websites your kid has visited?
  • What photos they made, use, or exchange?
  • Any other activity on the mobile

Parents must control their child’s activity on social media against explicit sexual behaviors and sexting. Any such behavior on social media that evokes unflattering responses may damage self-esteem and disturb your child’s mental health. However, trust and privacy are the two significant factors that justify the non-monitoring of the social media activity of your child.

According to statistics, 84% of teens use social media, while 62% of teens use social media every day with an average of 1 hour and 47 minutes of scrolling.

Another study suggests that 37% of adolescents aged between 12 and 17 years are bullied at least once on social media. Considering this exuberant number, every parent needs to be vigilant about their child’s activity on social media.

The advanced content filter technology in social media monitoring apps for parents gives access to parents to block objectionable content on social media in time. Hence, your kids can enjoy social media without hampering their mental health.

Here are some of the significant benefits of the Social Media Parental Control App in Kido Protect:


Anxiety, bullying, and depression are the three significant impacts of spending too much time on social media. Studies reveal that children spending more than four hours on social media handles gradually become inattentive and hyperactive. They start losing the feeling of self-worth. Thus, social media can significantly hamper your child’s mental health if not controlled in time.

Parental Apps to monitor social media like Kido Protect’s Social Media Parental control apps play a significant role in controlling the time spent on various social media apps. Best parental control apps like Kido Protect allow different filtration facilities for other social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

The widespread social media has made our kids vulnerable to inappropriate content. The growing addiction to social media also poses a significant security threat to everyone’s life, especially our children. Many online stalkers are waiting online to trap your kids. Hence, parents must use social media Parental control apps like Kido Protect to extend assured safety for kids.

Parent app to monitor Social media assists with the close monitoring of the various activities that your child is indulging on social media. A dedicated screen for social media activity handling allows the parents to supervise what kind of content their kids are allowed to watch on social media.

Yes! You can receive the screenshots if you have activated the parent control screen capture app along with an instant notification. If your kid opens a restricted app or website, kid’s phone monitor activates with providing ad-hoc visibility on your kid’s mobile. You can monitor the detailed activity of your kids on social media by taking snapshots.

Just enter the relevant keywords like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp account, Twitter, Snapchat, etc, and sit back. Anytime your kids will start using restricted apps or websites, you will start getting screenshots and alerts via the Parental control screen capture app from Kido Protect.

Parental Control Screen Capture App for Kids from Kido Protect is an undisputed choice for all proactive parents that want to be vigilant on social media and other internet as well as mobile activities of their kids.

One of the major benefits of the Parental control screen capture app is to keep track of the online behaviour of your child along with other mobile activities. While you have restricted the inappropriate content, there are chances that your child outsmarts to open them in incognito mode to keep you out of the loop.

In this case, the best parental control apps like Kido Protect come with an integrated parent control screen capture app as a rescue to unveil your kid’s activities on mobile. Parental control screen capture feature in kid phone monitor gives access to:

  1. Real-time tracking of kid activity
  2. Understanding a child’s internet usage characteristics
  3. Setting up multiple criteria for taking screenshots
  4. An instant image capturing on specific keywords that you entered
  5. Receiving screenshots for targeted apps
  6. Scheduling the flexible time interval as you think is suitable.

Parental Control Screen Capture App allows you to constantly monitor your child’s activity on mobile/tablet by sending the screenshots to your mobile. You can pre-defined various parameters such as the time interval of screenshots, and the type of content to automatically activate this screenshot application with the triggered keywords. Once activated, it starts sending discreet screenshots from your kid’s mobile to your mobile.

You can flexibly activate or deactivate this feature at your discretion. You can proactively analyze your child’s internet usage and online behaviour using this Kido Protect parental control app.

Blocking content and websites are some of the ways that can prevent your child from accessing unappropriated content. But these are limited means and hence we discovered the need for a Parental control screen capture app.

From rescue in a jiff to fighting a kidnapping or keeping charge of a situation by ensuring instant damage control in an accident, an SOS Button is an indispensable feature of the best sos app for android. It allows the child to connect instantly with parents in any emergency. Not just for your child, it can be a boon for your elderly parents in any medical emergency or otherwise.

Some of the prominent benefits of the sos emergency button app:-

  • Single tap SOS button easy to access
  • Sends immediate and real-time notification
  • SOS alert with a message and current child location
  • Allow instant damage control

Time to enjoy peace of mind by extending your child’s security and tracking their real-time location in case of emergency using reliable cell phone monitoring for parents like Kido Protect.

If your child presses the panic button app android, you get important information like a message SOS alert and your child’s location. It is a single-tap button in the android app for parental control that allows the child in trouble to inform their parents about his dangerous situation in just a single tap.

While SOS allows your child to connect to you in an emergency, the additional GPS location tracking feature allows the parents to detect their child’s mobile location. If you suspect any danger to your child, you can immediately use this functionality to reach your child.

With SOS and GPS location tracker on our kid monitor app, now parents have full access to the kid’s device location and their safety. These latest technologies are essential for parents today to strengthen their child safety.

The SOS Button in Parental Control Android App is an integrated feature giving your child access to reach you hassle-free. When it comes to keeping our children safe, nothing is more important than being able to reach them at the touch of a button. You can do just that with the SOS Button Parental Control Android App.

At the time of crisis, expecting your child to run through the entire phone app to reach you is superficial. Our easy panic button app on android allows them to reach you in time with a simple touch. No matter if any stranger is luring them or they met with any unfortunate accident, they can reach you just in time with this easy SOS button feature on our parental control android app.

No risk is associated with our secured Android App for Internet Parental Control. You can be assured that your child only views the content you have approved. Video platforms like YouTube are mainly accessible by kids; a Kid phone monitor gives you detailed information on the video’s name, length, and date to actively monitor your child’s internet video activity. If you wish to block certain types of YouTube videos, you can enter the keywords to alter their settings.

If your child tries to access any content from the category of the blocked website, not just the child is warned about this violation. An instant alert is also sent to the parent via the kid phone monitor. It also allows your child to ask for permission for specific blocked sites and reasons. You can accept or reject this request.

Some of the key benefits of using the family parental control app are:

  • Preventing cyberbullying
  • Blocking access to inappropriate content on the internet
  • Improving the mental health of your child
  • Monitoring their online activities
  • Ensuring their privacy online
  • A single dashboard ensures quick monitoring of a child’s online activities
  • Proprietary technology with advanced Safe Search Feature.

The internet activity monitor app allows the parent to block certain websites and monitor the kid’s activity to extend their complete control on which type of content should be accessible to them. Our advanced Safe Search feature can block unsolicited content your children should not watch.

If you want to block the entire category of websites or even some specific websites, you can do this hassle-free. Any unwanted access to inappropriate content by your child will get you a real-time notification to take appropriate action.

Merely blocking any website does not assure that inappropriate content will not reach your child. Our advanced android app for Parental control on the Internet is equipped with robust technology to validate website content before making it accessible to your child. You can be worry-free as your child will have the assets only to the acceptable range.

We offer an excellent parental control app that helps you to observe your child’s online actions. You can easily detect any signs of cyberbullying and supervise your child’s online activities. You also get access to your child’s contact and can even track all their events in the phone calendar.

Yes, you can download a free parental control app for android. But it is free for a stipulated period. Also, the free version generally does not support the premium features. Hence, you do not get complete control over your kid’s mobile. The most competent android phone parental control app comes with a nominal monthly subscription.

Yes! Once the child starts using the mobile, the android parental control app for kids starts working automatically. And once they access the non-permissible content, you will start getting the notification for this. Contact our technical support team if you face any issues.

Yes, you can use an Android parental control app to see your child’s phone without them knowing. It is usually done by setting up a remote connection between your phone and your child’s phone. Once this connection is established, you’ll be able to see everything happening on your child’s device in real-time.

Yes, you can use an Android parental control app to limit whom your child can text. It can be done by blocking specific numbers or contacts or setting up general restrictions on whom your child can text.

Android parental control apps allow you to set restrictions on your child’s device. It might include limiting access to certain websites, apps, or even specific functions on their device. Some Android parental control apps also allow you to track your child’s activity to see what they’re doing and when they’re doing it.

There are many reasons why you might need an Android parental control app. Maybe you’re concerned about your child’s online safety and want to limit their access to certain websites or apps. Perhaps you want to ensure they’re not spending too much time on their device. Or maybe you want to keep track of their activity so that you can have peace of mind.

Here are the key benefits you get using parental control for android:

  • Real-time data syncing
  • Check on your kid’s mobile/tablet activity
  • Upto 30 file types easy access
  • 100% safe, guaranteed
  • No Need to Jailbreak/Root
  • Viewing the activities remotely

An Android parental control app for kids is a software application that allows parents to monitor and restrict their child’s activity on their Android device. It gives parents full access to the contacts, videos, calls, pictures, all the sent and received text messages (Even if deleted), internet browser history, Snapchat messages, Twitter messages, and much more. You can freely monitor your child’s mobile or tablet anywhere, anytime.