Here are some frequently asked questions about our application

To setup Kido protect on an android device, please follow the steps bellow

1. Download Kido Protect Parental control from Google Play Store.
2. Create an account by selecting “Sign up” on the app , or from our website: https://www.kidoprotect.com/sign-up/
3. Select “Parent’s device” in the app to set up the parent profile
4. Add a Kid from the app or from the web portal
5. Download and install Kido Protect app on your Kid’s device
6. Set and manage the rules for your child from the app or the web portal

You can monitor your kids on the app or on Kido Protect web portal https://web.kidoprotect.com/

If the kid’s device is offline, the house rules will still function but the parents won’t be able to receive any notifications or monitor their kid’s devices in real-time.

There are 2 quick ways to set house rules:
1. Load default profile. The default profile is our recommended common settings, you can choose this by accessing “Set rules/Load default profile” on the home screen ”

2. Copy settings, copy home rules of one kid set already by parent to target kid device
You can find “Load default profile” and “Copy settings” by “Set rules” menu

You can monitor as many kids and devices as you want

You can monitor as many devices as you want

Your account support multiple parents, you can add a parent from “Add parent” from the app or from the web portal

Following how you set up the rules, the app will block the kid’s actions or warn you by notifications or emails
you can also set up how the notifications work from “Manage notifications”

We accept all kinds of credit and debit cards

You can get up to 50% discount on your next payment from our referring program. You get:
– 10% off if you refer the solution to 1-5 persons
– 20% off if you refer the solution to 6-10 persons
– 30% off if you refer the solution to 11-15 persons
– 50% off if you refer the solution to 16-20 persons

To delete your account you need to click “Delete account” from “My Account” menu
Please note that the deletion will be permanent and there is no way to recover your account or any information related to it

You can change your password by accessing “My Account” from the app or the web portal

Yes you can change the Email address associated with your Kido Protect account by accessing “My Account” from the app or the web portal

You can delete any device by clicking “Devices” from the kid’s home page, selecting the device to see its details and clicking “Delete device”

After signing up, the system will send you a confirmation email, you will need to click the link on this confirmation email to validate your account

You can rate and send suggestions and feedback from the “Feedback & rating” section on the app or the web portal

Referral codes are our way to give you discounts
You can get one from the person that recommended our solution for you
And you can create your own referral code from “My subscription/ Get a discount of 50% / Click here to generate the referral link”

Your subscription will automatically be renewed following the type of subscription you selected.
You can disable auto-renew anytime from My Account, My subscriptions

Yes, your payment information is totally safe, we are using Stripe Payment Gateway

30-Day money-back guarantee

You can give, manage and monitor tasks to your kid.
After adding a task, you will have it “Pending” till the kid completes it, its status will change to “Completed”, after you check the task you can set it as “Confirmed”

You can manage the permissions on your kid’s device by selecting “Permission from the main menu of the app

You can find it by clicking “see more” on the time section on the kid’s detail page.

The “ACTIVITY” records all the kid’s actions whether they are ordinary or dangerous.
On the other hand “ALERT” will only show you some special actions that you have defined before.

On your Kid’s profile select “Devices”, choose the device you wish to lock, then click on “Lock child device”.

No, you need to activate supervision for any feature to work

No. System APPs are protected from being uninstalled.