Parental Control App for Kids Features

All what parents need to be assured about their children safety and online wellbeing.

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A mom of 4
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Kido protect gave me peace of mind, I was always concerned about my kids’ safety both on the net or outdoors, now I know exactly where my kids are at and what are doing with their devices

Single mother of a teenager
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My teenage son is always on his phone, and it was always a hustle making him do anything, now with the screentime feature, he knows for how much time and when he can use his phone. The tasks option is also a plus

Father of 2
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I never buy apps, but this one is worth it, cheap, and effective. It makes it easy to monitor and control my daughter's phone and tablet.

Mother of 3
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Thank you Kido Protect for this app. I was always doing the role of the enforcer in our home (my husband does nothing). Now I let my kids be involved in choosing the daily screen time, and when they reach their limits, I don’t get any pleading, no begging, no crying, and I don’t get to remind or yell at any of them.

Father of 1
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My son was always playing violent games, and I couldn’t stop him, now he can’t install any games or apps without my consent, now I can review the games before letting him play them. Since then, he is less violent than usual. Very nice feature


Here are some frequently asked questions about our application

To setup Kido protect on an android device, please follow the steps bellow

1. Download Kido Protect Parental control from Google Play Store.
2. Create an account by selecting “Sign up” on the app , or from our website:
3. Select “Parent’s device” in the app to set up the parent profile
4. Add a Kid from the app or from the web portal
5. Download and install Kido Protect app on your Kid’s device
6. Set and manage the rules for your child from the app or the web portal

You can monitor your kids on the app or on Kido Protect web portal

If the kid’s device is offline, the house rules will still function but the parents won’t be able to receive any notifications or monitor their kid’s devices in real-time.

There are 2 quick ways to set house rules:
1. Load default profile. The default profile is our recommended common settings, you can choose this by accessing “Set rules/Load default profile” on the home screen ”

2. Copy settings, copy home rules of one kid set already by parent to target kid device
You can find “Load default profile” and “Copy settings” by “Set rules” menu

You can monitor as many kids and devices as you want