SMS & Calls supervision

App to monitor text and call

Supervise the calls and messages on your kid’s device to keep them away from cyberbullies

Are you looking for ways to prevent your kids from coming across suspicious entities? While you can readily block internet content, parents must also monitor the calls and messages received by children. Our Call monitoring apps for parents product has a feature that allows parents to learn about the messages and calls logged by the devices and the content associated with them.

In general, texting can allow kids to be in touch with their friends. But too much indulgence can also lead to health problems. Now, parents can have an overview of the content received by children over phone calls or messages. The parental control App for kids allows users to monitor these activities too remotely. Hence, they can more readily block access to cyberbullies and predators and prevent any nefarious activities.

Parents can also know the people who are interacting with their children. They can summarily block any messaging applications or contacts or prevent the addition of new ones. There is a feature that allows parents to view the message content but not receive the alerts altogether.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about our application

To setup Kido protect on an android device, please follow the steps bellow

  1. Download Kido Protect Parental control from Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account by selecting “Sign up” on the app , or from our website: https://www.kidoprotect.com/sign-up/
  3. Select “Parent’s device” in the app to set up the parent profile
  4. Add a Kid from the app or from the web portal
  5. Download and install Kido Protect app on your Kid’s device
  6. Set and manage the rules for your child from the app or the web portal

Yes! It is legal to use SMS & Call supervision Kido Protect App to extend protection to your child against stalkers and any unwanted calls. Most parents are happy and worry-free after using the call monitoring app for parents. It helps monitor all the calls and SMS in real-time, even when kids delete them.

Here are some of the considerable advantages of using SMS & Call supervision Kido to protect the app:

  • Keeps a phone call log

Call monitoring apps for android keep an active track of the phone logs with essential details such as phone number, call duration, location, and date.

  • Logs application usage

Detailed tracking of every app your kid uses to understand their search pattern, including the activities such as games, business applications, and messaging apps.

  • Not easily detectable

The best part about Kido protect is its hidden ability in your kid’s phone. You can secretly supervise their SMS and call logs without noticing them.

  • Text Message Detection

All the inbound and outbound text messages are well-tracked to let the parents know with whom kids are exchanging messages and conversations. The easy SMS tracker gives detailed information about the kid’s SMS logs.

The best call monitoring app for parents keeps track of all the deleted call logs.

SMS & Call Supervision app is meant to detect all the inbound and outbound text messages that your kids exchange with anyone. It gives you a detailed log of all the SMS and calls to track kids’ activity minutely.

You can immediately sense any potential stalking or danger by accessing their call and SMS logs and taking preventive actions. It helps track any suspicious activity your child may indulge in and safeguards them from any potential fraud.