Disable Safe Mode on your child’s device


Please Note

We will be using Google Family Link to disable the Safe Mode only.
You will not need to use Google Family Link to manage your kids, just activate it to disable the Safe Mode.
You will manage your kid’s devices by Kido Protect.

Please Note

Google Family Link will only allow you to:

– Manage and limit your child’s screen time.
– Manage and block app access.
– Geo-locate your child.
– View your child’s activity.

Kido Protect solution will allow you to:

– Manage and limit your child’s screen time.
– Manage and block apps. – Monitor and block your child’s calls and SMS.
– Allocate and manage tasks to your child.
– See what your child is watching on YouTube.
– Geo-locate your child.
– Define safe zones and detect if child leave safe zones.
– See what’s on the child’s device.
– Review your child’s search activity.
– And more …

Step 1
First go to your phone settings and scroll down then click on “Google”

Step 2
On Googles page click on “Parental controls”

Step 3
Please click on “Get started”

Step 4
Chose “Child or teen”

Step 5
Then click on Next

Step 6
Select the account or “add or create account for your child”

Step 7
Enter you child email Then click on Next

Step 8
Enter the password Then click on Next

Step 9
Read the terms, then hit “I agree”

Step 10
Read the Privacy policy, then click on “More”

Step 11
Then “Accept”

Step 12
Please select your child account

Step 13
First enter your email or phone and click “Next”

Step 14
Then enter the password and click “Next”

Step 15
After reading click “More”

Step 16
Enter your child’s password and hit “Agree”

Step 17
Then “Allow”

Step 18
Click “Next”

Step 19
Then “Next”

Step 20
Just click on “Skip”

Step 21
Confirm you want to skip