The hidden dangers of gaming apps

Published on: November 16, 2022

It’s all fun and games, until one day you realize your child is a victim of gaming addiction, bullying or any other potential risks or dangers of gaming apps. Although gaming apps are recreational to a great extent, they come with a list of daunting experiences that can scar your child for life. As a parent, you must be aware of the positive and negative impact of gaming apps.

Today, mobile phones have become a critical segment of the entertainment and gaming industry. As per the Entertainment Software Association, 75% of American families have at least one gamer in the household. Also, Dubai is now set to take its gaming industry to the next level. While the economy is only strengthening with a widespread tech-route, the video gaming culture specifically has become a mega trend.

Going by the famous quote, ‘The proximity of a desirable thing tempts one to overindulge. On the path lies danger.’ The multibillion dollar industry is kind of getting unsafe for children and that’s where parents need to step in.

What are the dangers of gaming?

Privacy breach

It may come as a shock to you, but some gaming apps are likely to collect personal information without consent. As per the Norton Cyber Safety report, there have been many instances of cyber attack victims who have got their accounts hacked and experienced invasion of privacy. Personal information like pictures, private data and bank details can be at a risk by cybercrime in online gaming. Some have also been victimized of malicious software installation which are risky to the extent of stealing any information from your phone.

We have introduced an apps & gaming supervision feature that will allow parents to tailor the choices of activities and block any suspicious activity.

Cyber bullying and trolls

Online gaming apps could be single or multiplayer, and cyberbullying can happen in both. In the case of the latter, some players can get abusive or aggressive or pass negative comments just for some thrill which can turn into some serious bullying. Also, griefing has majorly escalated cyberbullying. In this case, it is important to understand the need to block messages and calls.

Use of avatars in gaming apps has become prevalent which allows users to create fictional versions and gang up against other players. Hiding the real identity has led to the increase of cyber harassment. The only solution to safeguard your children from such disasters is to probe your kids to discuss their gaming experiences and teach them the concept of ‘stranger danger’.


In case your credit card details, debit card pin, bank passwords or any other logins are saved in your kid’s phone, this should be a matter of worry for you. Scammers can smartly play mind games and trick people out with these details. For instance, gaming apps may ask the user to validate the account by asking for credit card details. Refrain from clicking on any link which seems a tad doubtful. Even better, log to a gaming website yourself and handover it to your child once you feel safe about it.

Once your child is at it, you can supervise from far and remotely delete any app.

Inappropriate content

Kido Protect lets you filter content and prevent inappropriate content from popping up on your kids device. While using gaming apps, there are high chances of children being exposed to problematic content which is sexual, violent, a hoax or simply just unpleasant. Don’t let the disadvantage of online gaming stop your child from having some fun. Keep a check, even better, let your child request permission while downloading any app.

One Last Thought:

Should online gaming be banned? Most certainly, not. Protect your children by taking the necessary measures. Now you know more about the hidden dangers of gaming apps and you can talk openly with your kids about their interests, hobbies and cringe-worthy topics. Real time reporting is every parent’s dream. We have made it come true.

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