How to install parental controls

How to install parental controls? Kido Protect Tutorial + Video

Published on: May 27, 2023

Still not sure how to install parental controls? Follow the steps in the Kido Protect Tutorial with the Video guide.


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How to install parental controls – easy tutorial for parents searching for online safety for the kids


Open Google Play Store on a parent device


Search for the Kido Protect parental control app


Install the app and follow the instructions given by the app


Open the Kido Protect app on Parent’s Device.


Go to the main menu, choose Install the app on the child device, and select child device type.


A QR code will appear.


    1. At this moment, you need to get your child’s device.


    1. Go to the child’s device.


    1. Scan the QR code on the parent device.


  1. Install the app and follow the instructions given by the app.


    1. How to edit parental control permissions on child’s device?


    1. You can edit, update, or remove any permission you set on your child’s device at any time by following these steps:


    1. Go to child’s device, open Kido Protect app.


    1. Main menu, click permissions.


  1. Enter you PIN CODE (if not yet set, please go to
    • Parent app,
      • Main menu,
        • Emergency PIN CODE and
            • create your PIN


            • Now you can see all permissions enabled or disabled, and you can update any permission you want. If you are still in doubt how to install parental controls, take a look at the video bellow:


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