SOS button

Panic button app

Allow your kids to reach out to you during any emergency.

Parents would like to be beside their children during any crisis. Your kids can have the confidence of knowing that they can reach out to their parents in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

An emergency button is the best way for kids to inform their parents they are facing a problem. A single tap on the SOS button can send a message to the parent and tell them about their kid’s danger. A quick and timely intervention by parents can avert several emergencies.

The parent can receive SOS alerts as a message, and the location is provided too. It can help parents to teach their kids on time and also to undertake instant damage control.


Here are some frequently asked questions about our application

From rescue in a jiff to fighting a kidnapping or keeping charge of a situation by ensuring instant damage control in an accident, an SOS Button is an indispensable feature of the best sos app for android. It allows the child to connect instantly with parents in any emergency. Not just for your child, it can be a boon for your elderly parents in any medical emergency or otherwise.

Some of the prominent benefits of the sos emergency button app:-

  • Single tap SOS button easy to access
  • Sends immediate and real-time notification
  • SOS alert with a message and current child location
  • Allow instant damage control

Time to enjoy peace of mind by extending your child’s security and tracking their real-time location in case of emergency using reliable cell phone monitoring for parents like Kido Protect.

If your child presses the panic button app android, you get important information like a message SOS alert and your child’s location. It is a single-tap button in the android app for parental control that allows the child in trouble to inform their parents about his dangerous situation in just a single tap.

While SOS allows your child to connect to you in an emergency, the additional GPS location tracking feature allows the parents to detect their child’s mobile location. If you suspect any danger to your child, you can immediately use this functionality to reach your child.

With SOS and GPS location tracker on our kid monitor app, now parents have full access to the kid’s device location and their safety. These latest technologies are essential for parents today to strengthen their child safety.

The SOS Button in Parental Control Android App is an integrated feature giving your child access to reach you hassle-free. When it comes to keeping our children safe, nothing is more important than being able to reach them at the touch of a button. You can do just that with the SOS Button Parental Control Android App.

At the time of crisis, expecting your child to run through the entire phone app to reach you is superficial. Our easy panic button app on android allows them to reach you in time with a simple touch. No matter if any stranger is luring them or they met with any unfortunate accident, they can reach you just in time with this easy SOS button feature on our parental control android app.