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Traditional whitelisting or blacklisting is no longer reliable in restricting children from accessing unaccepted content. As they have become obsolete, there is a need for robust technologies to take over. Our android app for internet parental control monitoring feature validates the content on the website and makes only the acceptable content available for kids.

Parents can use our proprietary technology to block specific websites and prevent their kids from accessing them. You can also monitor the entire web activity of kids and have complete control of the content accessed by them. There is a Safe Search feature that can block unsolicited content from children.

Kido Protect feature allows you to block entire categories of websites or even specific websites too. If the child tries to access restricted content, they are warned, and an alert can be sent to the parent. Children can also request access to specific websites from their parents by specifying a reason. The parent can either accept or reject this request.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about our application

No risk is associated with our secured Android App for Internet Parental Control. You can be assured that your child only views the content you have approved. Video platforms like YouTube are mainly accessible by kids; a Kid phone monitor gives you detailed information on the video’s name, length, and date to actively monitor your child’s internet video activity. If you wish to block certain types of YouTube videos, you can enter the keywords to alter their settings.

If your child tries to access any content from the category of the blocked website, not just the child is warned about this violation. An instant alert is also sent to the parent via the kid phone monitor. It also allows your child to ask for permission for specific blocked sites and reasons. You can accept or reject this request.

Some of the key benefits of using the family parental control app are:

  • Preventing cyberbullying
  • Blocking access to inappropriate content on the internet
  • Improving the mental health of your child
  • Monitoring their online activities
  • Ensuring their privacy online
  • A single dashboard ensures quick monitoring of a child’s online activities
  • Proprietary technology with advanced Safe Search Feature.

The internet activity monitor app allows the parent to block certain websites and monitor the kid’s activity to extend their complete control on which type of content should be accessible to them. Our advanced Safe Search feature can block unsolicited content your children should not watch.

If you want to block the entire category of websites or even some specific websites, you can do this hassle-free. Any unwanted access to inappropriate content by your child will get you a real-time notification to take appropriate action.

Merely blocking any website does not assure that inappropriate content will not reach your child. Our advanced android app for Parental control on the Internet is equipped with robust technology to validate website content before making it accessible to your child. You can be worry-free as your child will have the assets only to the acceptable range.

We offer an excellent parental control app that helps you to observe your child’s online actions. You can easily detect any signs of cyberbullying and supervise your child’s online activities. You also get access to your child’s contact and can even track all their events in the phone calendar.