Access the search patterns of your kids when you are away with Keylogger App.

Are you worried about the usage patterns of your kids when you are away? If yes, our keylogger feature can help you. It can quickly access the risk areas and inform you about them. It can help parents be aware of special surprises and harmful content lying around on the internet. Our technology allows the recording of all the inquiries that were typed invisibly too. We can also record the URLs surfed by the children.

It can readily track the search patterns and the websites accessed by children. Parents can quickly check the social media content typed by their kids and their web searches. Our app can track multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. You can create the requisite rules related to the content that you wish to track. If your kid enters the related content, even on their social media accounts, it will be recorded onto the clipboard.


Here are some frequently asked questions about our application

Here are some of the incredible features that make the Kido Protect parental control app the best in the market:

  1. Easy to install as it comes with a detailed guide.
  2. Difficult to be detected and deactivated by your kid
  3. Simple to use interface, making it user-friendly
  4. Real-time notifications for Kid’s inappropriate search attempts

It boasts the maximum number of features, such as outgoing messages, viewing call logs, GPS location, monitoring keystrokes, and recording conversations.

Here are some incredible benefits that you derive using the Keylogger app for android mobiles from Kido Protect:

  • Tracking Inappropriate searches by your child
  • Understanding the cause of behavior change
  • Identifying the bad friends
  • Analysing Kid’s patterns of searches on the Internet
  • Alerting the explicit keywords that you have blacklisted
  • Avoid any exposure to inappropriate content
  • Identifying any potential cyberbullying and predator

Recording information across social media and other platforms.

Keyloggers are illegal when someone uses them with criminal intent. But parents are allowed to use keyloggers for their child’s activity monitoring using a reliable parental control app. Hence it is legal for parents to use the keylogger android as Parental control app for kids to keep track of how and where their kids are spending time on mobile.

The main job of a keylogger app is to track all the information from your kid’s mobile about their activity log. From keystroke tracking, it recognizes the patterns to record the various activities of your child. Once recorded, these keyloggers send all these activities to the parent’s dashboard. As these keyloggers work in a hidden mode, your child is not able to know that their mobile/tablet activities are tracked down.

As parents can easily track all the keywords that the kid enters, they have a fair idea about what kind of activities that child is indulging in and how he is spending time on his mobile.

Parent Control Keylogger on Android by Kido Protect is meant to track your kid’s activities using a single dashboard. You can easily track how and when your kids spend time on their respective mobiles. Advanced Parental Control Apps like Kido Protect Keylogger on android give substantial control on:

How long was your kid engaged in mobile/tablet

  • What apps does your Kid use?
  • With whom your kid is communicating via phone, SMS, Facebook, Skype, and social media handles
  • What are the websites your kid has visited?
  • What photos they made, use, or exchange?
  • Any other activity on the mobile