Why choose us

Three main reasons to choose our solution:

1) We guarantee your satisfaction, our solution is tested and certified on many devices, you can check the list of certified devices

2) It is 30 days free,which is the time to test all features and feel secure that you are in the right hands

3) The online high risk for kids is growing daily, any a parent should teach his kids how best to use technology, and Kido Protect is the best choice. Kido Protect will help both parent and kids to communicates on what should be done and what not, always under the parent’s full control.

Your kids are exposed to various risks
whenever they are present online

We know that every child faces different risks when it comes to their digital lives.
We have the tools to help in every situation.

Prevent online harassment

Any online harassment can have a lasting effect on your children. You must monitor their digital activities and block any such mischief. Kido Protect can help parents prevent their children from coming across such unknown elements.

Mental health issues

Parents must take care of their child's mental health too. Too much time online can affect your kid's health. Our solution allows parents to limit the digital time of their children effectively so they can focus on other domains.

Improve sleep cycle

73% of high school students don’t get enough sleep. This deeply affects their productivity and creative thinking. Use Kido protect to improve the sleep cycle of your children by setting personalized house rules.

Prevent access to inappropriate content

Not all content online is suitable for kids. Kido Protect can help parents choose the content that is suitable for children. Parents can create preset settings that will automatically block content that is unsuitable for children.

Use the app on the move

Parents can make changes to the parental control settings while on the go. Monitoring their child's online activities is more straightforward with Kido protect. They can also check the location of their child's device in real-time.

Manage screentime of kids

Too much screen time for kids can be detrimental to their mental health. It can make them unsocial and reserved within themselves. Parents must create customised screen time for their children across the week.

Ensure privacy

Parents must prevent children from sharing sensitive information online. They can readily set relevant controls to prevent such actions. When the kid loses the phone, parents can restore factory settings quickly.

Single dashboard for our feature-rich app

It is essential to have a single dashboard that can show their child's online activities. The dashboard can show them reports of their child's online presence and provide notifications about the calls and messages.

Increasing screentime can affect kids

Limit the screen time of your kids and define personalised rules.

There are increasing reports of kids being affected because of a long time on their smartphones. Parents must ensure that their kids have access to smartphones during specific times of the day. They also have the option to prevent their kids from accessing their smartphones through their dashboard.

Single parental control solution for the benefit of parents

A single dashboard to monitor all your child phone activities

Kido Protect is the one-stop solution for monitoring the online activities of your kids. Parents can now assess the activities that their kids do when they use the mobile. Parents can also lock the device if they wish. They can receive comprehensive reports on their email and can also set up geofences and receive emergency alerts.