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Location Tracking App & Geofencing App

Track your kid’s device location instantly

Parents are always worried about the location of their kids. Now you can quickly track the location of the kids through their device location. You can spot your child on the map and check where they have been. It will help you stay content about their safety once you know about the locality where they are.

Our application uses next-generation technology to help you spot the locations where your children have visited. You can also create safe zones using the geofencing feature available with our product. You will receive alerts if your kid violates the safe zones.

Parents can know when their kids enter or leave school by having the location within the safe zone. With several ways to lure kids, you can also set up dangerous zones that your children must not visit. The application can also store the history of the locations visited earlier.


Here are some frequently asked questions about our application

Some of the key advantages that most parents rely on Kido protect the location and geofencing app are:

Prevent Kidnapping

By tracking the real-time moments of your kids, you can prevent any potential danger to your kids. Once you get the notification, you can react instantly to safeguard your child.

Manage parenting and work

Keeping a check on your child remotely gives you a sense of satisfaction that you relate to them all the way. You can ensure that they are safe at any time of the day by checking their real-time location instantly.

Safeguard from Abusers

Any stranger or abuser stalking your child and taking them to unknown places can be instantly tracked with a notification from the geofencing app.

Kido Protect Parental Control is one of the market’s best parental control apps that deliver exceptional features to safeguard your child.

Yes, it is legal to use Geofencing as the user agrees to google to track their location by confirming to GPS. All the Geofencing apps in Parental control are safe and do not attract legal liability. It gives the parents an added advantage to tracking their kids’ location anytime and anywhere. Whenever your kids cross their safe zone, an instant notification alerts you about any possible danger.

There are several benefits of using the location and geofencing Kido Protect App. Some of them are as follows:

  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Creating safe zones for your kids
  • Instant alert once the kid crosses their geofencing
  • Allocating the danger zones for kids
  • Saving the last few locations under history

The Location tracker for kids app aims to create a virtual boundary using GPS or Radio Frequency identification around any physical location. It keeps the kid’s mobile on surveillance and sends an alert to the parent’s mobile whenever the kids cross the virtual boundary.

If you often worry about the real-time location of your kids, the location and geofencing app from Kido Protect is all your need. It ensures your child’s safety and immediately sends an alert when your kids leave the safe zone and start entering a danger zone. It also allows saving the history of the locations to know which places your child visited.